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클라리사 조이스
21 October 2010 @ 09:54 pm
Okay, I'm guessing you people already know these wonderful things that happened to JYJ today. Cassies, including me, all over the internet are spazzing about these! We are extremely happy and extremely proud of the boys' accomplishments!

The first one.

I just came home from the market with my mum. Of course, I went straight to my room and opened my laptop. I opened my favorite site, which is Tumblr, and guess what I freaking saw! JYJ FEATURED IN BILLIBOARD! I was like! OMG, SUN! SM just got bitch slapped! Haha! Am I right or am I right? :-P

Here's a screenshot:

Second one.

JYJ was featured again. This time in ELLE Korea's Star section. There is an article, I am not really sure what it says but I'm guessing it's about the new album and their showcase tour. What I love about this feature is that ELLE made a virtual photobook from JYJ's showcase. I really love the images, I even screencapped them! Haha! 


This is the one I'm most happy about! Yoochun got himself a Twitter! He's @6002theMicky! If you haven't followed him, follow him now! And you know, as I type this, he's currently online! He's been trending for hours now! I really hope he sees it and greets his fans even once! Cassiopeias all over Twitter are mentioning and welcoming him to Twitter like crazy!  No wonder he's the top trend! Great job, Cassies, let's keep it up until he notices it!

His very first profile pic: 

He's so damn cute!
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